Develop your child's cognitive skills from an early age with Papero 3D puzzles

As parents, we want nothing more than to see our kids succeed. We do everything in our power to help them excel in school, sports, music, etc. We want to ensure that they have all the advantages that they can get in an increasingly competitive world where every little bit helps.

One of these advantages that children can develop from an early age is their cognitive skills which has proven to be the core brain function for thinking, reading, learning, memory, and reasoning. We all know that kids with superior cognitive skills are much more likely to do better in almost every aspect of life.  So how do we actually improve kids’ cognitive skills?  

Piaget's renowned theory of cognitive development states that children are not like "little adults" who may know less; children just think and speak differently. By thinking that children have great cognitive abilities, Piaget came up with four different cognitive development stages, which he put out into testing. Within those four stages he managed to group them with different ages. Each stage he realized how children managed to develop their cognitive skills. For example, he believed that children experience the world through actions, representing things with words, thinking logically, and using reasoning.

Studies have shown that assembling toys, like puzzles or other construction toys can improve cognitive development, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory among children. 

There are quiet a few of these in the market but many of them are not suitable for children. Toys can cause many serious risks such as plastic choking hazards and other toxic materials.

Some puzzle activities are made children safe like these beautifully designed and exquisitely detailed paper assembly models from Papero. They are heaps fun and softly challenge children to think strategically and logically. It works by removing pieces of paper from the form card and putting them together to create a model without the need for any tools that can be potentially harmful. The have all kinds of designs like planes, animals, cars and the Eiffel tower.

Every product has a difficulty grade and suit children as young as 6 years old. They are also very safe for children since they are paper based made from organic soy-beans with no harmful chemicals.







 They are way more fun than normal puzzles because they are 3D and the finished model looks amazing as decoration piece in the house.